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Provides methods for receiving XPS documents and its contents
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Namespace: FirstFloor.Documents.IO
Assembly: FirstFloor.Documents (in FirstFloor.Documents.dll) Version: (

public class XpsClient : AsyncOperationClient

The XpsClient type exposes the following members.


Public methodXpsClient
Initializes a new instance of the XpsClient class.

Protected propertyCurrentOperation
Gets the operation available on the current thread.
(Inherited from AsyncOperationClient.)
Public propertyIsBusy
Gets a value indicating whether the AsyncOperationClient is running an asynchronous operation.
(Inherited from AsyncOperationClient.)
Protected propertyIsCurrentOperationCancelled
Determines whether the operation running on the current thread is cancelled.
(Inherited from AsyncOperationClient.)

Protected methodBeginOperation
Begins a new async operation.
(Inherited from AsyncOperationClient.)
Public methodCancelAsync
Cancels the current pending asynchronous operation.
(Inherited from AsyncOperationClient.)
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Public methodLoadFixedPageAsync(PageContent)
Loads the specified fixed page asynchronously using default page load settings.
Public methodLoadFixedPageAsync(PageContent, LoadFixedPageSettings)
Loads the specified fixed page asynchronously.
Public methodLoadFixedPageAsync(PageContent, LoadFixedPageSettings, Object)
Loads the specified page asynchronously.
Public methodLoadResourceAsync(XpsResource)
Loads the specified resource asynchronously.
Public methodLoadResourceAsync(XpsResource, Object)
Loads the specified resource asynchronously.
Public methodLoadXpsDocumentAsync(IPackageReader)
Loads the XPS document asynchronously with default load settings.
Public methodLoadXpsDocumentAsync(IPackageReader, LoadXpsDocumentSettings)
Loads the XPS document asynchronously.
Public methodLoadXpsDocumentAsync(IPackageReader, LoadXpsDocumentSettings, Object)
Loads the XPS document asynchronously.
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Public eventLoadFixedPageCompleted
Occurs when a load fixed page operation has completed.
Public eventLoadResourceCompleted
Occurs when a load resource operation has completed.
Public eventLoadXpsDocumentCompleted
Occurs when a load XPS document operation has completed.
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