FirstFloor.Documents.IO NamespaceDocument Toolkit Help
Contains types that implements reading of documents and their contents.

Public classDefaultPackagePartRequest
Encapsulates a zip package part request.
Public classDefaultPackageReader
Provides access to a zip package using the built-in Application.GetResource method.
Public classFixedPageWriter
Renders fixed pages and provides hooks for customization.
Public classHeaderedStream
Prepends or overwrites a stream with an arbritary header.
Public classLoadFixedPageCompletedEventArgs
Provides data for the LoadFixedPageCompleted event.
Public classLoadFixedPageSettings
Provides the settings for a load fixed page operation.
Public classLoadResourceCompletedEventArgs
Provides data for the LoadResourceCompleted event.
Public classLoadSettings
Provides the common load settings.
Public classLoadXpsDocumentCompletedEventArgs
Provides data for the LoadXpsDocumentCompleted event.
Public classLoadXpsDocumentSettings
Provides the settings for an XPS document load operation.
Public classMemoryPackagePartRequest
Represents a request for a part where its contents are available in memory.
Public classMemoryPackageReader
Provides the base functionality of a reader where the package contents are built dynamically in memory.
Public classProcessorContext
Provides the base implementation of a processor context.
Public classStreamExtensions
Provides extension methods for the Stream class
Public classSyncPackagePartRequest
Provides the base implementation of a package part request where the operation is executed synchronously.
Public classWebPackagePartRequest
Encapsulates a package part request over the web.
Public classWebPackageReader
Reads package parts from the web.
Public classXpsClient
Provides methods for receiving XPS documents and its contents
Public classXpsClientException
The exception that is raised when a XPS load operation performed by XpsClientfails.
Public classZipFile
Wraps the Application.GetResourceStream and ensures unsupported ZIP formats do work.

Public interfaceIPackagePartRequest
Defines the contract for a single package part request.
Public interfaceIPackageReader
Defines the contract for asynchronous access to package contents.