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This namespace provides classes to parse font information.

Public classCharacterToGlyphIndexMap
Character To Glyph Index Mapping Table
Public classDeobfuscatedFontStream
Provides a stream capable of reading obfuscated fonts (odttf and odttc).
Public classFontInfo
Encapsulates Open Type font information.
Public classFontParser
Parses Open Type fonts and returns font information.
Public classGlyphHelper
Provides utility methods for Glyphs elements.
Public classGlyphRun
Provides access to font details such as glyph indices and individual glyph positions
Public classGlyphTypeface
Specifies a physical font face that corresponds to a font file
Public classGlyphTypefaceExtensions
Provides extension methods to GlyphTypeface.
Public classGlyphTypefaceInfo
Represents a glyph typeface available on the local system.
Public classGlyphTypefaceLocalized
Specifies a physical font face that corresponds to a font file localized to a specific culture.

Public structureGlyphIndexPoint
Encapsulates the data for a single glyph index point.

Public enumerationFontEmbeddingRight
Describes font embedding permissions specified in an OpenType font file.
Public enumerationFontType
Identifies Open Type font types.