FirstFloor.Documents.DocumentStructures NamespaceDocument Toolkit Help
Contains classes to describe the structure of an XPS document in terms of sections, paragraphs, figures, bulleted or numbered lists, and tables.

Public classBlockElement
The basic block element.
Public classDocumentStructuresExtensions
Provides extension methods to document structures.
Public classFigureStructure
Represents a drawing, chart, or diagram in a document.
Public classListItemStructure
Represents an item in a list or outline.
Public classListStructure
Represents a list of items in a document.
Public classNamedElement
Identifies an element within the hierarchy of elements under a FixedPage.
Public classOutlineEntry
Represents an entry in the document outline.
Public classParagraphStructure
Represents a paragraph in a document.
Public classSectionStructure
Represents a section of content in a document.
Public classSemanticBasicElement
Represents the semantic basic element.
Public classStory
Identifies a block of individually readable content.
Public classStoryBreak
Identifies the start or end of a story composed of one or more StoryFragment elements.
Public classStoryFragment
Represents all or part of a story within an XPS document.
Public classStoryFragmentReference
Represents the reference to the fixed page in which the single story fragment is defined.
Public classTableCellStructure
Represents a cell in a table.
Public classTableRowGroupStructure
Represents a set of one or more rows in a table.
Public classTableRowStructure
Represents a row of one or more cells in a table.
Public classTableStructure
Represents a table in a document.

Public enumerationFragmentType
Specifies the type of content included in a story fragment.