FirstFloor.Documents.Controls.Commands NamespaceDocument Toolkit Help
A set of re-useable commands.

Public classClearHighlightCommand
Clears all highlight annotations from the current text selection
Public classCommandBase
Represents the basic command implementation.
Public classCopyToClipboardCommand
Copies selected text to the clipboard.
Public classGenericCommandT
A generic command capable of executing any action.
Public classHighlightCommand
The command that highlights the current text selection.
Public classNavigateSelectionCommand
Performs a link navigation based on the current selected text.
Public classOpenFromDiskCommand
The command that opens an XPS document from disk using the DefaultPackageReader and assigns it to a DocumentDataSource.
Public classSelectDocumentCommand
The command that selects all text of an entire document.
Public classSelectionCommand
The base class for all commands that work with a text selection.
Public classSelectPageCommand
The command that selects all text of a single page.
Public classUnselectCommand
The command that clears the selected text.