FirstFloor.Documents.Controls NamespaceDocument Toolkit Help
Contains the user interface controls for displaying documents.

Public classColorHelper
Provides color utility functions.
Public classControlBase
Provides a generic control base class.
Public classDocumentDataSource
Provides an object for loading and searching XPS documents and managing virtualizing page collections.
Public classDocumentPrinter
Provides printing services.
Public classDocumentViewer
Represents a control capable of displaying the pages of an XPS document.
Public classErrorEventArgs
Provides data for the error events.
Public classFixedPageChangedEventArgs
Provides data for the FixedPageChanged event.
Public classFixedPageLoadedEventArgs
Provides data for the FixedPageLoaded event.
Public classFixedPageViewer
Represents a control displaying a single fixed page in a scalable manner.
Public classHistoryNavigator
Provides a user interface for moving back and forward on a document navigation history.
Public classNavigationHistory
Represents the document navigation history.
Public classNavigationHistoryItem
Represents a single history item.
Public classPageContext
Contains bindable page context.
Public classPageContextBase
Represents the base binding context for a single page.
Public classPageNavigator
Provides a user interface for navigating the pages of a document.
Public classPageThumbnailContext
Provides the context of a generated page thumbnail.
Public classThumbnailListBox
Contains a list of selectable page thumbnails.
Public classViewMode
Represents a view that defines how pages are represented in document viewers.
Public classViewModeCollection
Represents a collection of view modes.
Public classViewModePicker
Represents a control that allows the user to select a viewmode.
Public classVirtualizingPageCollection
Represents a virtualizing collection of pages from a single XPS document.
Public classVirtualizingPageThumbnailCollection
Represents a virtualizing collection of dynamically generated thumbnails of XPS document pages.

Public enumerationScaleMode
Defines the set of scale modes.