FirstFloor.Documents NamespaceDocument Toolkit Help
Contains the types of the core Document Toolkit object model.

Public classColorContext
Represents the International Color Consortium (ICC) or Image Color Management (ICM) color profile.
Public classContentType
Represents a content type
Public classContentTypeExtensions
Provides extension methods to ContentType.
Public classDefaultPageFilter
The default page filter that ensures all pages are visible.
Public classDependencyObjectExtensions
Provides extension methods to DependencyObject.
Public classFixedDocument
Represents a fixed-format document.
Public classFixedDocumentSequence
Defines a sequence of fixed documents
Public classFixedPage
Provides the content for a fixed-format page.
Public classFixedPageExtensions
Provides extension methods for the FixedPage class.
Public classLicense
Provides licensing features.
Public classLinkClickEventArgs
Provides data for the LinkClick event.
Public classLinkTarget
Represents an element on a page that can be linked to from other documents or other places in the same document.
Public classNotifyPropertyChanged
Provides a basic implementation of the INotifyPropertyChanged interface.
Public classPackageProperties
Represents the core properties of an XPS package.
Public classPackageRelationship
Represents an association between a source XpsPart, and a target object.
Public classPageContent
Provides information about the FixedPage elements within a FixedDocument.
Public classParserHelper
Provides various basic parsing helpers.
Public classPrintTicket
Defines the settings of a print job.
Public classRectExtensions
Provides extension methods for the Rect class.
Public classTextPointer
Represents a position within an XpsDocument.
Public classTextRange
Represents a range of text between two TextPointer positions.
Public classTextRangeExtensions
Provides extension methods for the TextRange class.
Public classTextSelection
Encapsulates a selection state.
Public classUISynchronizationContext
Provides the UI synchronization context.
Public classUriHelper
Provides various helper methods related to the Uri class.
Public classVersionInfo
Provides Document Toolkit version information.
Public classWarning
Represents a warning during a load or render operation.
Public classWarningCollection
The collection of warnings that occurred during a load and render operation.
Public classXmlns
Identifies the Document Toolkit and associated XML namespaces.
Public classXpsColorContext
Represents the color context for a bitmap image.
Public classXpsDigitalSignature
Represents a digital signature for an XpsDocument.
Public classXpsDocument
Represents an XPS document.
Public classXpsDocumentExtensions
Provides extension methods to XpsDocument.
Public classXpsFont
Represents a font in an XpsDocument.
Public classXpsImage
Represents an image in an XpsDocument.
Public classXpsPart
Provides a base class for parts stored in an XpsDocument.
Public classXpsPartBase
Defines the abstract class that is the parent for all part classes that can be contained in an XPS package.
Public classXpsResource
Defines the base class for XpsDocument resources.
Public classXpsResourceDictionary
Represents a dictionary of XpsResource elements that are usable across pages of the XpsDocument.
Public classXpsSignatureDefinition
Represents an XpsDocument digital signature.
Public classXpsStructure
Represents the document structures or story fragments of an XpsDocument.
Public classXpsThumbnail
Represents a thumbnail image of an XPS document, fixed document or fixed page.

Public interfaceIPageFilter
The contract for filtering visible pages.
Public interfaceITextContainer
Defines the contract for a text container.

Public enumerationWarningLevel
Identifies the level for load and render warnings.