Silverlight Spy 4 licensing

We're closing in on the RTM release of Silverlight Spy 4. It's time to reveal the changes that have been made in the licensing model.

The old licensing model

Previously in Silverlight Spy v3.x a license included free updates for all minor releases within one major version. Meaning that all v3.x updates were free of charge once a v3 license was purchased.

The new licensing model

A lot will change, there's good news and there's, uhm well more good news. First of all there will be a FREE edition of Silverlight Spy 4. Yes, that's correct, a FREE edition. This free edition has limited functionality. For details on what's included and what's not, see the Silverlight Spy Licensing page.

Second, the new licensing model is subscription based. A license entitles you to free updates, including bug fixes and new features for up to one year after the original purchase. After one year, you are no longer entitled to updates, but you may continue to use the product. To receive an additional year of updates, you'll need to purchase an upgrade license once your old license expires. Upgrade licenses are 50% the cost of a new license.

Moving from v3 to v4

If you have purchased a Silverlight Spy 3 license less than three months ago when Silverlight Spy 4 reaches RTM, you can upgrade to Silverlight Spy 4 for free. Your Silverlight Spy 3 license key will work with Silverlight Spy 4. If you have purchased a Silverlight Spy 3 license more than three months ago, you are given the opportunity to upgrade to Silverlight Spy 4 with a 50% discount.


Like Silverlight Spy 3, Silverlight Spy 4 allows you to try all features of the product for a limited period (3 weeks). After the evaluation period you can purchase a license or continue using the free edition.

The new licensing model will be available soon in an upcoming update of Silverlight Spy 4.

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