Silverlight Spy 4

First Floor Software is excited to announce the immediate availability of Silverlight Spy 4. This release includes various fixes and improvements. The new licensing model announced previously is now in effect. On start you can choose to enter a license key, use the evaluation version or use the FREE edition. Learn more about Silverlight Spy licensing.

Is Silverlight Spy complete? No, software never is. First Floor Software is committed to continue improving and adding new features to Silverlight Spy and make them available on a regular basis.

Upgrade from 3 to 4

If you have purchased Silverlight Spy 3.x on or after November 1, 2010, you can use your current license key to unlock all features of Silverlight Spy 4. If you have purchased Silverlight Spy 3.x before November 1, 2010 you will receive an email soon with instructions on how to take advantage of a 50% upgrade discount.

You are welcome to continue using Silverlight Spy 3.x. Silverlight Spy 4 can be safely installed next to Silverlight Spy 3.x

Download Silverlight Spy now!

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