RTM Release XAML Spy

First Floor Software is proud to announce the RTM release of XAML Spy. XAML Spy is the visual runtime inspector for Silverlight, Windows Phone and WinRT XAML applications. This v1 XAML Spy release marks the end of the preview release cycle. As of today you can purchase XAML Spy licenses in the XAML Spy store.

Silverlight Spy upgrade path

Now that XAML Spy has been released, you can upgrade Silverlight Spy to XAML Spy. If you have purchased Silverlight Spy less than one year ago, you can even upgrade for free!

As a licensed Silverlight Spy user you can upgrade to XAML Spy. If your license has not expired, you can use your Silverlight Spy license key in XAML Spy and XAML Spy will work as a full version. A license has expired when its issue date is more than year before the XAML Spy release date. For the XAML Spy RTM release all Silverlight Spy licenses issued on or after June 15, 2011 are valid.

If your Silverlight Spy license has expired, contact us for an upgrade discount. Please include the reference number of the original purchase in your message.


XAML Spy RTM Release

XAML Spy website

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