New and improved diff lists

First Floor Software publishes a series of diff lists that provide an easy-to-read report of changes in various .NET and Windows APIs. New lists are now available and all diff lists have been updated significantly.

New diff lists

The lists now include .NET Core, .NET Framework up to version 4.5.3, and the most recent Windows 10 release (Build 9926). Windows Phone 7 API diff lists have been removed.

Usability improvements

The diff lists have been updated significantly with improved readability features. All sections in a diff list have been placed in collapsible panels, which makes it much easier to browse through large lists. The collapsible panels can be expanded and collapsed all at once using the Expand all and Collapse all buttons in the top menu.

New features

The updated diff lists include a lot more details. Next to an overview of new, updated, deleted and deprecated types and members, you now get information on changed custom attributes, implemented interfaces, whether a type or member modifier has changed, changes in generic parameter constraints and more.

XML documentation is also included (when available) and can be shown by selecting the Show XML doc in the top menu.

Go see for yourself in the diff lists section.

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