Version was released on February 21, 2011.

New in this release

  • Added support for Windows Phone Tools January 2011 update
  • Added support for Silverlight 4 GDR 3 (February 2011 update)
  • Windows Phone automatically re-connects after tombstoning
  • If existing policy server is blocking Silverlight Spy, an attempt is made to use this existing 3rd party server
  • Copy button added to view toolbar
  • Part and states details added to property grid
  • New Go to template part command (available in explorer contextmenu)
  • UI element type definition details added to property grid
  • Added support for properties not backed by dependency properties (such as Grid.Column/RowDefinitions)
  • Added open folder and windows phone tools commands in Tools menu

Fixed in this release

  • NullReferenceException in PropertyGrid for properties not backed by DependencyProperty
  • UnhandledException when AppManifest defines icon that doesn't exist in XAP
  • UnhandledException when Reflector fails to decompile assembly
  • Missing capability ID_CAP_NETWORKING prevents phone app from connecting to Silverlight Spy
  • Entrypoint assembly with references to XAP external parts fails
  • UI element selection on Popup elements now actually works