The FirstFloor.SilverlightSpy.Interop namespace contains the types providing interoperability with the .NET spy host.


Public classAppDomainHelper
Provides AppDomain helper functions
Public classApplicationServiceInfo
Represents an application extension service
Public classAssemblyExtensions
Provides assembly extension helpers.
Public classBitmapInfo
Represents a bitmap
Public classConnectionManager
Manages the connection with Silverlight Spy.
Public classDependencyObjectExtensions
Provides extension helpers for the DependencyObject.
Public classDependencyObjectInfo
Represents a dependency object.
Public classDependencyObjectInfoCollection
Represents a collection of dependency objects
Public classDependencyPropertyInfo
Provides detailed dependency property information.
Public classDependencyPropertyValue
Represents a the base implementation of a dependency property value.
Public classDlrExecutionResult
Represent the result of a DLR execute operation.
Public classDlrOutput
Represents the output of a DLR script execution.
Public classDlrOutputTable
Represents a table in the DLR output.
Public classDlrOutputTableInfo
Represents the serializable DLR output table data.
Public classEventMonitor
Monitors the routed events raised in the visual tree and propagate the event to the slspy host.
Public classFrameworkElementExtensions
Provides framework element extension methods.
Public classIsolatedStorageEntry
Represents a file or folder in the isolated storage.
Public classIsolatedStorageInfo
Represents isolated storage information.
Public classPerformanceNames
Idenfities the performance values names.
Public classRootVisual
Provides convenient access to the application's root visual.
Public classRoutedEventData
Provides data for an event raised in the Silverlight AppDomain.
Public classRoutedEventInfo
Provides detailed routed event information.
Public classRulerManager
Represents the class that manages UI rulers.
Public classSearchQuery
Represents a search query.
Public classSearchResult
Represents a single search result.
Public classSelectedVisual
Manages the selected visual element.
Public classServiceManager
Provides access to services exposing functionaly outside the Silverlight AppDomain.
Public classSpy
Encapsulates Silverlight Spy information.
Public classSpyBootstrapper
Bootstraps the spy interop assembly into the Silverlight appdomain for InBrowser applications.
Public classSpyLifetimeService
Manages the spy object lifetime.
Public classSpyManifest
Represents the Silverlight Spy manifest.
Public classSpyPlatformAdaptationLayer
A custom platform adaptation layer that works in oob scenarios.
Public classSpyScriptHost
A custom script host that provides its own platform adaptation layer.
Public classStatisticsItem
Represents a single statistics item
Public classTemplateInfo
Represents control template definition info.
Public classTemplatePartInfo
Represents template part information.
Public classTemplateStateInfo
Provides template state information.
Public classTextFormatter
Provides text formatting methods.
Public classThreadHelper
Provide UI threading helpers.
Public classTypeInfo
Provides type details
Public classVisualTreeProfiler
Profiles the visual tree and reports visuals that are disconnected but not garbage collected.
Public classXamlWriter
Provides XAML serialization for Silverlight runtime objects.
Public classXamlWriterBase
Implements the base XAML writer functionality for Silverlight runtime objects.
Public classXamlWriterSettings
Specifies the features for the XAML writer.
Public classXmlns
Defines commonly used xml namespaces and prefixes


Public enumerationConnectionState
Defines the connection states.
Public enumerationIsolatedStorageType
Defines the available isolated storage types.
Public enumerationRulerStyle
Defines the ruler visibility style.
Public enumerationSelectionType
Identifies the selection types.
Public enumerationTreeViewMode
Defines the supported set of visual tree view modes.