Version (July 2011 Update) was released on July 24, 2011.

New in this release

  • Added support for Windows Phone Mango SDK Beta 2
  • Support for Local Database
  • Drag And Drop support for exportable items.
  • Remove recent apps in default Silverlight Spy startpage application
  • New advanced configuration option 'rewrite entry point for inbrowser apps' to enable slspy for XAPs located on external domains
  • Logo and icon artwork refresh

Fixed in this release

  • Select the browser address bar automatically selects all text
  • Incorrect escaping of recent application uris
  • Reflector 7 dependencies not resolved, causing 'could not deobfuscate' error
  • Collection members in property grid no longer sorted alphabetically
  • Textbox view scroll position not reset when new content is displayed
  • Properties of type Color now properly render color rectangle in property grid
  • When pinned to Win7 taskbar a parameter error occurs after upgrading. Please note that this error still occurs when upgrading to this release. Upgrading from this release to a newer version should no longer display this error.