As of the July 2011 Update (Version Silverlight Spy supports inspection of local databases found in the XAP package and isolated storage. Local database is a new feature available to Windows Phone Mango applications.

Inspecting local databases

Whenever Silverlight Spy detects a local database file in the XAP package or isolated storage, it allows the user to expand the file in the Explorer and inspect tables, columns, indexes and table data. A local database file is identified by the file extension .sdf.

Local Database
Figure 1:Local database file in the Explorer

The Properties and View panes provide detailed information. The View pane displays the entire table data when a table node is selected in the Explorer.

Local database inspection is not available in the free edition of Silverlight Spy.

Password protected databases

Silverlight Spy supports password protected databases. When selecting the database file node in the Explorer the user can enter a password in the property grid. The password is only used to access the database content. The password is not stored and needs to be re-entered when the Silverlight application is reloaded.

Local Database Password
Figure 2:Entering a password

An invalid password will result in an error, which can be cleared by providing the correct password and refreshing the database file node.

Local Database Invalid Password
Figure 3:An invalid password