Silverlight Spy has many features designed to make exploring applications as easy as possible. Here are some useful tips and tricks to give you even more control.

Tips and Tricks

UI element selection

Select UI elements by hovering the mouse over the Silverlight application while pressing the Ctrl and Shift buttons. The associated UI element is automatically selected in the Explorer pane.

Event Monitor navigation

Double click a logged event in the Event Monitor to select the associated UI element in the Explorer.

Enable .NET type decompilation

Configure .NET Reflector in the Options dialog to view decompiled .NET types in the Object Browser.

.NET Reflector is available for download at

Browser home page

You can configure the browser home page in the Options dialog.

Command-line arguments

If you provide an url as command-line argument, Silverlight Spy will navigate to the provided url, instead of loading the configured home page.

Execute DLR code

Use Ctrl-E to execute Dynamic Language code directly in the DLR Shell