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Version was released on November 2, 2010.

Changes in this release

  • fix: FontParser unhandled exception when parsing invalid font naming tables
  • fix: FixedPageAdorner keeps creating new adorner visuals while already available
  • fix: TextSelection Glyphs elements grouping algorithm incorrectly handles offsets
  • fix: Canvas.OpacityMask of type ImageBrush never resolved
  • fix: hyperlink behavior tooltip uses Uri.ToString which raises exception for mailto links
  • fix: AsyncOperationClient incorrectly cancels operation that is started directly after cancel invocation
  • fix: ScrollViewer looses its relative position when extent width and/or height changes
  • fix: AnnotationStore.Load raises multiple Changed events for each loaded annotation
  • new: SearchQuery.PageCount property limiting the number of pages to search
  • new: DocumentPrinter.CreatePageVisual now virtual, enabling print page customization
  • new: DocumentPrinter.PageFilter adding printer page filtering using IPageFilter
  • new: AnnotationStore.OnAnnotationPropertyChanged now virtual
  • new: DocumentViewer.IsMouseEnabled property disabling default user text selection and panning
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