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Version (August 2013 Update for Silverlight 5) was released on August 26, 2013.

Changes in this release

  • new: UseDefaultPrinter and ForceBitmap properties on DocumentPrinter control
  • new: the ability to override document fonts with system installed fonts (see below)
  • fix: glyphs elements with render transform matrix M11 and/or M22 set to 0 now correctly rendered
  • fix: invalid glyphs unicode string to character mapping for RTL text
Override document fonts

New in this release is the ability to override the fonts that are used in a XPS document by a font that is installed on the local system. The new static method OverrideFont(String, String) overrides any font with a given font family name by a system installed font. ClearFontOverrides removes all overrides.

The following snippet demonstrates how the Arial font is overriden by a system installed arial.ttf. Use the Silverlight API System.Windows.Media.Fonts.SystemTypefaces to get the list of installed system fonts.

using FirstFloor.Documents.Fonts;

GlyphTypefaceInfo.OverrideFont("Arial", "arial.ttf");

Overriding a font is a Document Toolkit global setting and is applied to all rendered documents.

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