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Version (October 2011 Update) was released on October 5, 2011.

Changes in this release

This release is all about improvements in the PDF render engine.

  • fix: PDF page scale using 96 DPI
  • fix: page cropping implemented
  • fix: proper character selection for Type 1 fonts
  • fix: invalid font size raises XAML error
  • fix: 2D matrix concat bug
  • fix: added support for FlateDecode and CCITTFaxDecode images
  • fix: page inheritable attributes properly copied in page tree
  • fix: exception when accessing alternate ICCBased color space of a Separation color space
  • upd: removed obsolete PDF xaml caching
  • upd: re-use system typeface font sources preserve memory usage
  • upd: improved error messages
Note Note

The PDF render engine is still in beta state. Correct PDF page rendering is not guaranteed. Viewing PDF documents in a production environment is entirely at your own risk.

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