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Document Toolkit for LightSwitch adds document viewing capabilities to your LightSwitch application. Documents of type XPS, PDF, and Microsoft Office documents such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint are supported.

Document Toolkit for LightSwitch is available as extension in the Visual Studio Online gallery. You need to have LightSwitch installed to work with this product.


Document Toolkit for LightSwitch is an easy-to-use document viewer for LightSwitch applications. View documents and reports in LightSwitch applications that are deployed to the desktop and the web.

Document Toolkit for LightSwitch integrates with Microsoft Office and supports Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher documents out of the box. Microsoft Office integrated conversion logic enables Office document display on machines that do not have Office installed.

Document Toolkit for LightSwitch is a general purpose document viewer and can be used to display all types of documents including local Office documents, automatically generated reports, and fixed format documents such as XPS.

Adding Document Toolkit to your application is simple and easy. Just wire the control extension to document data and Document Toolkit will render the document. There's no need to write any code. The control extension automatically participates in LightSwitch theming. It's look and feel is equal to other parts of the application.


The Document Toolkit for LightSwitch license allows any developer to incorporate Document Toolkit into their LightSwitch application for an affordable price. For more details on licensing see Purchase Document Toolkit.

Note Note

Note: the Document Toolkit for LightSwitch license is limited for use in LightSwitch applications only. You cannot use the Document Toolkit for LightSwitch license with other Silverlight application types.

Note Note

Document Toolkit Developer and Site licenses are also valid for Document Toolkit for LightSwitch. There is no need to purchase an additional LightSwitch license should you have purchased a Developer or Site License.

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The open source project Document Toolkit Extensions contains tutorials on installing and getting started with Document Toolkit for LightSwitch. The tutorials are available in the Documentation section.

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