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The XpsDocument type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAnnotations
Gets the annotations that are embedded in this document.
Public propertyContentTypes
Gets the collection of content types defined for this XPS document.
Public propertyCoreDocumentProperties
Gets the core document properties.
Public propertyDefaultThumbnailCache
Gets the cache of default thumbnails.
Public propertyFixedDocumentSequence
Gets the sequence of fixed documents available in this XPS document instance.
Public propertyOwner
Gets the XPS document instance that contains this part.
(Inherited from XpsPartBase.)
Public propertyPackageReader
Gets the package reader that is associated with this XPS document.
Public propertyPageCount
Gets the number of pages contained in this XPS document.
Public propertyRelationships
Gets the relationships.
(Inherited from XpsPart.)
Public propertyThumbnail
Gets the thumbnail image, if one exists, that is associated with this instance.
(Inherited from XpsPart.)
Public propertyUri
Gets or sets the uniform resource identifier (URI) of the part.
(Inherited from XpsPartBase.)
Public propertyWarnings
Gets the warnings that occurred during the loading of this instace.
(Inherited from XpsPart.)
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