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The PageThumbnailContext type exposes the following members.


Public propertyFixedPage
Gets the fixed page.
(Inherited from PageContextBase.)
Public propertyFixedPageError
Gets the error (if any) that occurred while loading the fixed page.
(Inherited from PageContextBase.)
Public propertyFixedPageSize
Gets the size of the fixed page.
(Inherited from PageContextBase.)
Public propertyFixedPageThumbnail
Gets the fixed page thumbnail.
Public propertyIsFixedPageOwner
Determines whether this page instance is the owner of the dynamically loaded fixed page.
(Overrides PageContextBaseIsFixedPageOwner.)
Public propertyIsInUse
Determines whether the page is in use and the fixed page should be loaded.
(Overrides PageContextBaseIsInUse.)
Protected propertyOwner
Gets the DocumentDataSource owner.
(Inherited from PageContextBase.)
Public propertyPageContent
Gets the page content providing information about the associated fixed page.
(Inherited from PageContextBase.)
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