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The Xmlns type exposes the following members.


Public fieldStatic memberDocumentToolkit
Identifies the Document Toolkit XML namespace.
Public fieldStatic memberInteractivity
Identifies the System.Windows.Interactivity clr namespace.
Public fieldStatic memberPrefixDocumentToolkit
Identifies the default Document Toolkit prefix.
Public fieldStatic memberPrefixInteractivity
Identifies the default System.Windows.Interactivity prefix.
Public fieldStatic memberPrefixXaml
Identifies the default XAML prefix.
Public fieldStatic memberResourceDictionaryKey
Identifies the ResourceDictionaryKey namespace.
Public fieldStatic memberXaml
Identifies the XAML namespace.
Public fieldStatic memberXamlPresentation
Identifies the XAML presentation namespace.
Public fieldStatic memberXml
Identifies the XML namespace.
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