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Document Toolkit is a fast, feature-rich and 100% client-only document viewer for Silverlight and LightSwitch applications. Document Toolkit offers a range of features that enables easy document access and document display in Silverlight applications.

Document Toolkit is a product from First Floor Software, the company that also brings you Silverlight Spy.

Document Object Model

A comprehensive Document Object Model provides detailed information about the document and its metadata. Dublin Core metadata support is included.

Asynchronous and Extensible IO

The IO framework in Document Toolkit is asynchronous and fully extensible. Documents are loaded and processed in the background, preventing the UI from becoming unresponsive. Built-in package readers support a variety of document loading scenario's. If not sufficient, you can build your own.

Full Text Search

Document Toolkit includes a fast, customizable and extensible full text search engine. Plain string comparison and regular expression search are built-in. Do you want to search using a custom algorithm? No problem, Document Toolkit allows you to use your own search provider.

Advanced error handling

Document Toolkit provides detailed error and warning information when something goes wrong in the document load and render process. You can even replace the default error page with your own.


The extensible annotation framework enables you to create your own annotations and allows you to write your own annotation storage.

Advanced Font API

Document Toolkit includes a comprehensive and detailed API for querying font characterics using GlyphTypeface and GlyphRun.

Document Data Source

Document Data Source
The DocumentDataSource greatly simplifies the process of loading documents and handling errors. Simple and easy-to-understand element binding ties the various document controls to the data source.

Customizable Controls

All controls in Document Toolkit are fully customizable and based on well-known design patterns. Controls include document and thumbnail viewers, page and history navigation controls, and more.


The DocumentPrinter provides easy-to-use printing services. Using the built-in printing commands, there is no need to write a single letter of code.

MVVM Ready

Document Toolkit has been designed with MVVM in mind. Define the controls and settings in XAML and there is almost no code-behind required. Commands are used extensively.

Document Toolkit Extensions

The Document Toolkit API contains many hooks for extending and customizing its functionality. The open source project Document Toolkit Extensions contains a variety of extensions that you can use freely in your application.