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Document Toolkit is a commercial product. A fully functional evaluation version of the product is available for free. It may be used for evaluation purposes only and may not be distributed and used in production environments. In the evaluation version each page is decorated with a hard-coded watermark denoting the evaluation version.

When purchasing a Document Toolkit license you will receive a license key. The license key needs to be registered with Document Toolkit to unlock the evaluation version and remove the watermark.

Visit for more details about purchasing Document Toolkit.

Download the latest version of Document Toolkit from

Unlocking the Evaluation Version

On purchase of the product you will receive a license key file at the email address used during the purchase. Follow the instructions below to unlock the evaluation version using the license key file.

  1. Add the license.xml to the root of your project, set the Build Action to Resource.
  2. Set the license by using the License class as shown below:
    License.SetLicenseKey(new Uri("/[assemblyname];component/License.xml", UriKind.Relative))
    Where [assemblyname] is the actual name of the assembly containing the license.xml resource.
  3. Compile and run your application. When a valid license is specified, the watermark is removed.
Note Note

SetLicenseKey only needs to be invoked once and before you access any other method of the Document Toolkit API. It is highly recommended to use the constructor of your main page or the Application.Startup event handler.

Alternative Unlocking

The SetLicenseKey methods has overloads that allow you specify a Uri as demonstrated above, a string, or a stream. If you do not want to embed the licensekey as a resource you could use any of these overloads to set the license key. When using SetLicenseKey(Stream), you'll need to supply a readable stream to the contents of the license key. You can also supply the license file contents directly with SetLicenseKey(String).

License expiration

A license is valid for all major and minor Document Toolkit releases that are made available within one year of the purchase date. If you try to use the license key in a version that has been released more than a year after the purchase date, a license expired exception will be thrown. In that case you should either use an older version or upgrade your license.