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Version (December 2011 Update) was released on December 2, 2011.

Changes in this release

  • fix: PageVirtualizer enforces recalculation of virtualized pages when the scrollviewer has been loaded
  • fix: Path.Data limitation of 32k chars
  • fix: DefaultPackageReader returns stream of 4 bytes for parts having uncompressed size of 0 bytes
  • fix: document printer output automatically rotated to fit selected page orientation
  • fix: workaround for Path.OpacityMask render bug. Write Rectangle if possible
  • fix: proper BidiLevel support for right-to-left reading using new BidiLevelBehavior
  • upd: FirstFloor.Documents.IO.ZipFile now public
  • upd: WebPackageReader no longer loads interleaving part pieces
  • upd: WebPackageReader methods now virtual
  • upd: PDF reader removed from setup package, available using NuGet
  • new: ZipFile.IsZipFile and GetEntryUris methods
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